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Top 3 Reasons a Commercial Lab Can Get Pharma to Market Faster

Top 3 Reasons a Commercial Lab Can Get Pharma to Market Faster

You’re low on time or resources, particularly when you need a specific instrument for a specific job. As not all instruments can do any test, you need a specific test that requires a specific instrument with a validated method that can give quality results. This is what gets your drug to market. Small company, big company, doesn’t matter – you don’t want or need the hassle of knowing every little thing about every single procedure and gaining verification for that device, particularly when the device alone will break your budget. You really just want the needed information to provide data to the FDA to get your latest development to market and keep it there with as few issues as possible. 

PTL Quality Assurance Launches New Remote Audit Offering

PTL is a proven cGMP compliant laboratory, in accordance with 21 CFR, Part 210, 211, and Part 11. Our facility is FDA registered and inspected, and we host over 30 audits per year from the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. While the way we interact with colleagues and clients has changed due to recent social distance guidelines, the need for audits has not.
Jackson Sheeman

Particle Technology Labs Hosts North Central College Student Intern

Particle Technology Labs is pleased to be hosting Jackson Sheeman, a Chemistry major at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois under a new 10-week internship program newly launched this summer.  

PTL Now offering USP 788, USP 789, and USP 787 Testing

Particle Technology Labs is pleased to announce we are now offering:
USP <788> Particulate Matter in Injections testing,
USP <789> Particulate Matter in Ophthalmic Solutions testing, and
USP <787> Subvisible Particulate Matter in Therapeutic Protein Injections testing.
Rebecca Wolfrom,  Methods Compliance Specialist

Methods Validation, Verification and Transfer with Particle Technology Labs

What is a method validation? Should my method be verified? What scope of testing should be included in my method transfer? These are just some of your questions. Let Particle Technology Labs help with the answers.