International Shipping to PTL

With shipments of sample material arriving from more than 36 countries (and counting), Particle Technology Labs welcomes international clients from around the world.

To prevent shipping delays, and to avoid unexpected additional administrative fees on your final invoice, please be sure to follow these special instructions for shipping sample material to Particle Technology Labs from outside the United States.

Commercial Invoice

The following information must be included on the commercial invoice accompanying all international sample shipments to PTL:

Non-Drug Samples

US HTS (Harmonized Tariff Code, 10 digit number)

For Drug Products

US HTS (Harmonized Tariff Code, 10 digit number)

FDA Product Code, Program Code, Processing Code and Intended Use Code

FDA Affirmation of Compliance (AOC) - if applicable

Name, Address, Country of Manufacturer

FDA FEI number for Manufacturing Facility

If required by the courier, a TSCA declaration and/or End Use Letter can be furnished by PTL upon request. To complete your request, you must provide the material type (chemical name).

Administrative Fees

Please note that couriers may charge an administrative fee on shipments that require an FDA release. 

If the air waybill is not marked to bill all duties and taxes to the sender (shipper), by default the courier passes this fee to PTL. Should any fees be charged to PTL on behalf of a courier or other entity during shipment, these fees will be added to the final PTL project invoice.

Helpful Links & Documents

FDA Product Code Builder website: 

FDA Affirmation of Compliance website:

US HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule Codes)