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Particle Size Distribution

Particle Technology Labs specializes in particle size and material testing services for clients from many different industries, and Particle Size Distribution testing is one of our core services.

A Particle Size Distribution Analysis (PSD) determines and reports information about the size and range of particles representative of a given material. This analysis can be performed using a variety of techniques; the most suitable will be determined based on the sample properties and question at hand.

Particle Size Distribution determination has been used extensively to monitor, control, and investigate material properties in countless industries. Knowing and controlling the particle size distribution of the primary particles and/or agglomerates present in a material is crucial to:

  • research
  • product development
  • processing
  • handling
  • packaging
  • quality control

The number of standard organizations and regulatory agencies who have documents and/or specifications regarding particle size and distribution is a clear indication of the importance of this information.

Particle Size Distribution is usually expressed based upon the technique by which it is determined. Particle Technology Labs (PTL) uses a variety of different techniques in order to produce the most accurate particle size analysis possible, based on sample characteristics and the analytical question asked. Factors influencing the choice of technique include, but are not limited to:

  • detection limits
  • particle size range
  • sample presentation
  • sample concentration
  • solubility
  • particle shape

Our years of experience and vast array of analytical techniques allow PTL to determine the best technique for each client’s needs. To achieve accurate and precise results, our approach also includes expert sample techniques and preparation.

We can also use established, client-provided methods to assist with routine particle size distribution testing for release. In these cases, companies find that it is often advantageous to use PTL’s services: using an independent, regulated laboratory provides additional insight, feedback and confirmation not always available with in-house testing.

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