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Microscopy Services

Microscopy Services at Particle Technology Labs

PTL provides microscopy services and digital images through the use of both polarized light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Evaluating your sample and its dispersion through visual observation helps provide qualitative assessment on such things as the quality of the sample’s dispersion in a liquid suspension or if the sample is being affected by the use of ultrasonication used during the dispersion process.  These are just two of the numerous sample or dispersion properties which can be evaluated using digital polarized light microscopy.  The digital images also can provide an orthogonal assessment to compliment the instrumental generated particle size distribution.  When making these comparisons however, one must keep in mind the weighting of the distribution presented by the instrument vs. that shown in the digital images.   

Scanning electron microscopy can be utilized to generate vivid images of the topography of your sample’s surface.  The images can stand alone as an important source of information (e.g., general size and morphology, texture, surface variations, density, etc.) or complement the data obtained through other physical characterization analyses (e.g., porosity, BET surface area, etc.) available at PTL.

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