Particle Technology Labs’ Director of Analytical Services to Give Presentation in Amsterdam

Particle Technology Labs’ Executive Vice President and Director of Analytical Services William K. Kopesky will return to the Netherlands where he will present at The Center for Professional Advancement’s course entitled, Powders: Their Properties and Processing. This is Mr. Kopesky’s second consecutive year presenting. The three-day event will take place December 3rd through December 5th, 2018, in Amsterdam. Other presenters include Dr. Cecil W. Propst and Mr. Dilip Parikh. 
The primary purpose of the course is to “review the various properties of powdered solids pertinent to the development and manufacture of the products of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries.”  While the course is designed for those in product development, the event is attended by scientists, suppliers and technologists. The full course description for his presentation can be viewed here.
Joining PTL as a Particle Characterization Chemist in 2000, Mr. Kopesky became Laboratory Manager in 2002 before being named Managing Director in 2008 and Director of Analytical Services in 2012. His years at PTL have given him exposure to a tremendous variety of particle characterization topics, techniques, and projects spanning many industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, environmental, industrial, and more. During his career with PTL, he has conducted presentations and training in the field of particle characterization, provided testimony for patent infringement cases, and has been involved with consulting services in addition to hands-on analytical work.
The Center for Professional Advancement – CfPA is the largest accredited technical training organization in the world offering technical training and continuing professional education courses to those in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, chemical engineering and cosmetics industries.