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About Us


Particle Technology Labs is a premier particle technology research and advisory company and a trusted advisor to the world's leading pharmaceutical, industrial, public sector, and scientific organizations.

We Work with the World's Leading Organizations

We work with and provide advice to major organizations across the private, public, and scientific research sectors. Our scope and expansive knowledge of particle technology allows us to address problems that no one else can, and it lets us provide insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions in a timely manner. We provide technical expertise in industrial sectors including pharmaceutical, environmental, ceramics, petrochemical, manufacturing, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and food & beverage.

We are Renowned for our Independence, Objectivity and Unique Analytical Insight

Our expert analysts generate unbiased particle characterization research information that is precise, comprehensive, and renowned for its independence and unique analytical insight. The value we provide to our clients is derived from the intellectual property our analysts create by applying strict and rigorous test methodologies to the research process, while protecting this information from bias.

We Strive for Long-Lasting Client Relationships

Our aim is to establish long-lasting client relationships built on mutual collaboration, partnership, and trust. We work closely with every client to assure that they receive the right decision-making information in a timely manner. Through collaborative efforts, we can help determine the appropriate testing required in order to supply meaningful particle characterization data within the context of our clients' industries. We continuously strive to provide our clients with timely, insightful results, and we go to extraordinary lengths to communicate information to them in a manner that they understand.

We Deliver Unparalleled Business Value

There is a reason the world's leading organizations choose PTL - we deliver business value to our clients each and every day. Whether assisting a pharmaceutical company with an FDA approval in order to speed the delivery of a new drug to market; helping a cosmetic company improve product performance; or troubleshooting a material behavior issue using a variety of particle characterization techniques, PTL reliably, comprehensively delivers business value to our clients.